Nature Craft Christmas Reindeer

Making a Christmas reindeer out of seedpods and sticks is really fun and easy.  This little one has a large gumnut (Eucalypt seedpod) for it’s body, and a sheoak pod for it’s head. Small sticks make perfect legs and antlers, and it’s all glued together with a low-melt glue gun.  Small plastic eyes and a gumnut cap nose, painted red, finishes this little nature craft Rudolf off!


    He's gorgeous although I have to say I have absolutely no idea what a gumnut is! I reckon you could use an avocado stone for the body and a walnut for his head though. I am in the process of putting together a post about having a green Christmas and would it be OK to link to this post? Also I host a couple of link parties you might like to join in with - #GoingGreen is currently open and #AnimalTales opens next Tues, both on my blog, Green and Rosie Life. Hope to see you there!

    Rosie (@greenrosielife) | 6 years ago

      Hello! Gumnuts are the woody seedpods from any Eucalypt tree, very common here in Oz, but of course any other seed or seedpod would work. You could use acorns, walnuts or whatever is available. Yes, you are most welcome to link this post.

      Kate | 6 years ago

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