ANZAC Day Wreath

To make a beautiful, yet easy and inexpensive ANZAC Day wreath, use a paper plate as a base.

Cut the centre of the paper plate out.

Cutting out centre of paper plate

Gather some gum leaves, wattle and bottlebrush, or whatever natural materials you have available.

I stapled the leaves on first…

ANZAC wreath stapling leaves

Then added the bottlebrush and wattle on top.

Nature Craft ANZAC Wreath

Nature Craft Wreath

Paper plates with the middle cut out make a perfect base for a wreath.  And they’re cheap & easy if you’re working with a whole class of young kids.    Head outside so the kids can collect some natural materials.  I’ve glued on gum leaves, gum blossom and gumnuts to give it a very Aussie touch, but just use whatever plants are available.  A very simple yet effective nature craft activity!