Forest Festival Nature Masks

Had a fabulous time running the nature mask craft activity at NaturePlay SA’s Forest Festival.  Families gathered at Kuitpo Forest, just outside of Adelaide, for 2 days of playing, relaxing, exploring and fun in the forest.  Orienteering, potion making, low ropes, and cubby building, kite flying and the nature masks were enjoyed by all.

The nature masks were made from pre-cut cardboard, with an elastic tie.  Children (and parents!) used sticky tape or staples to attach colourful autumn leaves, sticks and feathers.  Each mask was its own unique and beautiful design!

Nature Mask














Nature Mask at Forest Festival

Insect Nature Craft Collage

This collage has been created using an assortment of pressed leaves, sticks and a couple of acorn caps for it’s eyes.  They’ve all been glued onto a black piece of paper which makes the bug really stand out.

wooden-flower-leaf-pressLeaves can be easily pressed in old books, or in a flower press like this, made from two pieces of wood joined with screws and wingnuts.

The leaves are sandwiched between layers of paper and cardboard for a few weeks to dry out before use.

For more inspirational collages, check out the stunning work of Canadian artist Rakou Inoue.


Nature Craft Swan Collage

Nature Craft Swan Collage

This nature craft is super easy, so great for a class of really young kids.  You can make a template of the swan shape for them to draw around, then cut out.

Use a black texta to draw on an eye and colour in the beak.

Glue on leaves for feathers, using whatever leaves you have around. Done!

 Paper plate swan