Autumn Leaf Crowns at Sophie’s Patch

It was a wonderful Easter Saturday at Sophie’s Patch in the Adelaide Hills making autumn leaf crowns with the kids.  Early in the morning I collected baskets of colourful maple, oak, elm and pear leaves,  and the visiting children carefully arranged and stuck the leaves onto strips of cardboard to make their own unique nature crowns.  They looked gorgeous and were worn proudly as the kids explored and played in the garden.

Nature Crafts for kids with Kate Hubmayer

Sophie’s special guest at the open garden was Gardening Australia’s amazing Costa Georgiadis who gave three inspiring talks.  Costa the Garden Gnome appeared at lunch time to teach the children a chicken dance!

Costa Georgiadis and kids at Sophie's Patch

Sophie’s garden is at Mt Barker Springs in the Adelaide Hills.  It’s a wonderful example of a child-friendly, Mediterranean climate garden which is both attractive and productive.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting, check it out on this video below which Costa took on the morning of the open garden.  I pop in near the end!