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All kids have an innate ability to experiment and create, but sometimes they need a little prompting and direction to begin. Ideas in this nature craft blog and my books are a great starting point.

Instructions for the nature crafts are deliberately brief and loose, as the intention is to encourage experimentation and creativity rather than replication. With encouragement and opportunity, children’s imaginations will bring their own crafty ideas to life!

Veggie Sculptures

I love going along to Horticultural and Agricultural Shows!  The displays of plants and flowers, the competition cakes and the ...
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Clay Insects

At a recent primary school incursion, young students made insects using clay and natural materials.  They showed off their learning ...
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Nature Crafts at Sophie’s Patch

I was delighted to run a workshop on Mother’s Day at Sophie Thomson’s amazing garden in the Adelaide Hills. The 50 ...
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National Eucalypt Day

National Eucalypt Day National Eucalypt Day is held on 23rd March in Australia. It’s all about celebrating and raising awareness ...
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Spending time in nature

More research has been released to back up the view that nature is good for us. If you’re reading this ...
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Cute Nature Craft Halloween Bat

Halloween Bat

This cute little Halloween bat has been made using a variety of commonly found seed pods.   I’ve used an acorn ...
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strawberry mandala

Strawberry Mandala

Please support Aussie growers in their time of need, and have fun at the same time!  Cut up your strawberries ...
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Crafting is good for us!

Great research is coming in proving what any crafter already knows, crafting is good for us ! So make sure you ...
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