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All kids have an innate ability to experiment and create, but sometimes they need a little prompting and direction to begin. Ideas in this nature craft blog and my books are a great starting point.

Instructions for the nature crafts are deliberately brief and loose, as the intention is to encourage experimentation and creativity rather than replication. With encouragement and opportunity, children’s imaginations will bring their own crafty ideas to life!


Naturally dyed eggs with leaf print

This is a fun activity to do with your family or class at Easter, or anytime of the year! Pop ...
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Easter Craft – Seed Collage Egg

This seed collage or seed mosaic is a fun craft to do at Easter time.  Find some colourful seeds, and ...
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Nature Craft Easter Bilby

Bilbies These gorgeous Australian native marsupials have large pink ears and a long, thin tail.  Once common and widespread, their ...
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Nature Craft Easter Bunny

Pinecones make great bodies for all sorts of creatures, including Easter Bunnies! Just add some Jacaranda pod ears and feet ...
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Seed Mosaic Heart

Firstly create a template so children can draw around it on a piece of cardboard (an old cardboard box is ...
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Insect Nature Craft Collage

This collage has been created using an assortment of pressed leaves, sticks and a couple of acorn caps for it’s ...
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Nature Craft Dinosaur

To make this cool, nature craft dinosaur, you first have to go on a hunt outside for materials. (This is ...
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Drip Sand Castles

Drip castles are a fabulous beach activity for all ages.  Just dig a hole in the sand until you reach ...
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